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Arizona Unit Maps

Custom Maps for Arizona Hunt Units Read More

Flatline Maps - Avenza App

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About Flatline Maps

Flatline maps are boundary maps specific to individual hunting units as defined by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. We want you to “Get Where They Live” by utilizing our innovative approach to map design.

A Flatline Map is produced using digital elevation model (DEM) terrain data and includes USGS land cover, contours, and is much more than just a downloaded topo or shaded contour map. The map is created using multiple data sources with road numbers, tank names and geographic locations entered by hand to avoid masking terrain features.

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Featured Maps

Flatline Maps Newest Units Available

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Hunting Rescources

  • Flatline Maps - Avenza App

    Download the Avenza App on your mobile device to gain access to Flatline Maps' digital files. You will be able to track your location on your mobile device using our accurate and detailed map as your guide. The app will Read More
  • Arizona Big Game Draw

    View draw results, check your bonus points, update your credit card information and apply for hunts issued though the draw system when available. Hunters may apply using the online service (when available) or with a paper application. Read More
  • Arizona Unit Map

    Utilize the Arizona game unit map to see a broad overview of the units currently available through Flatline Maps. Select the unit you are interested in purchasing to access more detailed informtion regarding the map. Read More
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Flatline Map Features

  • The Flatline Map Difference +

    Each map is the result of thorough research to verify roads, tanks, water catchments, springs and many other attributes. This information is then layered onto a customized shaded relief that makes our maps the most accurate available.
  • Map Features +

    The boundaries of our maps clearly define each Arizona Hunting Unit. There are various reference points on each map, some of which include: fence lines, grazing allotments, as well as private property, state land, BLM, forest service, and wilderness boundaries.
  • Topographic +

    The maps include topographical lines and shading to enhance the contour definition.
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Flatline Maps Testimonials

  • These maps are a topographic and road map rolled into one. I love the user friendly format and the fact that it is GPS compatible. There is no need for any other map once you get your hands on this map.
    Raul Rios

  • For the past year I have used flatline’s prototype map. I am impressed with the detailed topography, water sources, roads, and trail information all in one map. It has helped me get into areas that I may not have known of otherwise.
    Richie Hogan - Impact Trophy Hunts

  • Flatline maps are critical to being organized as a outfitter. Whether we are hunting large groups out of one camp or one hunter, Flatline maps are the best way to scout and learn hunting units which saves critical time and effort during the hunt. Details such as water, roads, and topography all in one map is priceless. Best map out there bar none!
    Chad Smith - Vaquero Outfitters

  • The new Flatline map is the best map for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts that we have ever seen. The features, details, and materials are second to none!
    Jon Decker - Bull Basin Archery

  • This Without A Doubt Is The Best "Hunting Map" On The Market !!! It Is User Friendly, Durable, And Best Of All...Informative. Roads, Terrain, Boundries, Water Tanks, Wells, And Catchments, Just To Name A Few Benefits, And All At Your Finger Tips
    William Clark

  • Last year, I drew a non resident November elk tag in Arizona. On the advice of friends, I purchased a “Flatline” map of the unit. The detail was amazing, the bold print was much easier to read than standard topo maps. It had all the information important to outdoorsmen. Road closures, private property and tanks, all clearly marked. After days of scouting and hunting, I realized it was the most useful piece of equipment I had with me.
    Dan Hearne

  • I have never had a more complete map! These maps have everything on them water, roads, boundary lines, topo lines, all of it. I forgot it once on a scouting trip and accomplished a quarter of what I should have on that trip. I used the Unit 8 map exclusively to harvest my 2013 antelope.
    Michael Jones

  • Flatline maps are a must have for anyone hunting in Arizona. The unit specific maps allow navigators to easily locate areas that they wish to access while eliminating wasted time picking through forest service maps to find your unit. The combination of topographical maps, road maps, water tanks and wells, and forest service routes eliminates the need to carry multiple maps and the durability is second to none. I have used the maps in units 27, 5b and 23 and they have all been extremely accurate and easy to use. I highly recommend Flatline Maps for any outdoor enthusiast.
    Jason Newman

  • Don’t leave home with out ’em.
    Vere Harris

  • I won a silent auction this year at the Arizona Elk Society for 3 Flatline Maps. I have heard about these before, but wow what detail and map quality. Details on the maps are great, structure of the map is awesome and not too heavy. I ordered these maps and they were in my mailbox a day later! That is service, thanks very much, very satisfied.

  • AZ Unit 21 is like my second home thanks to Flatline, pretty soon Units 10 & 27 will be too.

    If your heading out into the wilderness, Flatline Maps is a must have for the gear bag.
    Patrick Vela, SGT USMC

  • I am a 3 time purchaser of Flatline maps. Units 10, 23 North and now 33. Without a doubt these maps are a hunter’s best weapon besides his trusty rifle and binoculars. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great product. God bless.
    Jon In Tucson
    Jon Green

  • These are the best maps I’ve seen bar none! I discovered them on a hunt in unit 9 while comparing notes with another hunter - I had three different maps none of which offered what his one flatline map had! My only disappointment is that they aren’t available for my WY hunt this fall.
    Mike Desso

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Arizona Game Unit Map